Hardwood Floor Drying

Hardwood Floor drying and Restoration in el paso, tx

Hardwood Floor Drying in El Paso, TX

My hardwood floor is wet...  How can you help me?

The first thing our hardwood drying specialists will do is determine if your hardwood floor is salvageable.  If the flooring is cupped and not completely buckled it will have a better chance of still being saved.


We remove all of the moisture lying on top of the hardwood floor surface.  Once the main upper layer of water has been properly dryed, we place vacuum panels to pull air through the flooring to push airflow through the panels in order to dry them thoroughly.


 Time is very important!  The longer the water stays on your hardwood floors, the higher the possibility of it seeping through underneath the wood boards.  Mold will grow very quickly if the moisture level gets too high for a long period of time.  Remember, mold can be very dangerous.


Using our professional air drying equipment we can get your hardwood floor dry quickly and get it back to its pre damaged state.

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