Hardwood Floor Drying

dry your wet hardwood flooring the right way

Mold can be dangerous.  If your hardwood flooring has gotten wet, and not dried by a professional water extraction company then if may be a possible place for mold to grow. 

We can go to your home or office and give you a FREE evaluation to determine whether or not you have mold growing in your hardwood flooring.  We can offer Professional Mold Removal and Inspection Services in El Paso, Texas.  Mold Assessement, Containment and Removal by Certified Professionals

Knowing if you can dry your hardwood floor yourself depends on the amount of water that has affected the flooring.  A small spill can be quickly dryed and any excess moisture on the hardwood will evaporate by itself.  If the hardwood floor is exposed to a lot of water, the hardwood floor should be treated immediately by a professional water extraction company.  Jimmy Garza Emergency Water Removal services can quickly and effectively remove the excess water before it causes secondary damages to your subflooring.  

does your hardwood floor have mold?
Can I dry my own hardwood floor?

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Hardwood Floor drying and Restoration in el paso, tx
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